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Cynthia Closkey

I like the name "Subdivided We Stand" for a variety of reasons. I can go into details if need be, although maybe not late on a Sunday night. For now, please trust that they are compelling.

"Nipple Orgasm"? Not so good. At least for a blog name.

At the same time, if it's necessary to choose a name that is not one of the previous names, then I vote for "Masters of Gilligan." It has a fabulous ring.

And remember, I'm a professional, trained MBA who knows about this naming and brand stuff. So ... there ya go.


I like the "Subdivided..." name, so I vote you keep that... and, of course, the "big-headed sons..." subheading.


What does it say about us that I was a Quisp supporter, while you were in the Quake camp?

Let's see, what do we know about the two of them? Quisp -- flighty, "qwazy," not-of-this-earth, cereal quickly became a soggy, limp blob once milk was applied.

Quake -- miner, hunky, ass-chin, cereal remained rock-hard even after an hour in milk.

The Green Arrow/Green Lantern thing is intriguing, although I'm not sure those are the characters I'd pick. I stuck strictly with "Marvel" comics, while Joe was a D.C. guy. "Power Man Meets..." (I'm having trouble coming up with the name of a third-tier D.C. hero.)

Most sublime moment of the weekend -- an earnest, non-ironic discussion of the meaning of "We Built This City on Rock and Roll" while standing at the immense granite feet of The Great Emancipator.


Instead of Quisp and Quake you could do Shake and Bake. It rhymes. They're both verbs.
I would like Chairman Mao's Office, if not for two reasons. One, it doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
Two, that's the other boy's idea. I don't know if it would work for a blog.
I suppose my favorite is either Masters of Gilligan and Casket O' Fries. I also like the original "Subdivided" title.
...And... of course Nipple Orgasm. Though I don't know where that came from.


Count Chocula and Frankenberry?


I vote for either Masters of Gilligan or Subdivided We Stand.

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